Barakat + Bossa Ends Parking War between Two Office Buildings

Barakat + Bossa Ends Parking War between Two Office Buildings

Coral Gables Trial Firm Wins Third Appeal in a Month.

Coral Gables, FL.–
Trial lawyers from Barakat + Bossa won their third appeal in a month on February 3rd. On that day the Third District Court of Appeal found in favor of Canal Park Office, LLC represented by Brian Barakat which involved his firm’s client and another office building in North Miami who were battling over use of shared parking spaces. This affirmed the decision of Judge Alex Bokor at the first trial.

Office 163 Condominium Association, Inc. sued Canal Park Office, LLC and its owner individually for erecting a temporary barricade between the two neighbors during construction. Office 163 insisted that Canal Park Office cut them off from their parking spots. However, Canal Park Office contended that during the period of construction no one could be on, or crossing through their property for safety reasons. Since the end of construction, the barricade had been removed. Judge Bokor ruled, inter alia, that owner and developer could not be held individually liable for this dispute.

“The issue was about closing parking during construction for safety issues and whether or not one can be sued for trying to prevent injury to persons coming onto a property as a result,” according to Brian Barakat, the firm’s partner, and a former Miami-Dade County Prosecutor. “The Appeals Court ruling was fair and removed the threat of damages to our client as a result of their instituting reasonable safety precautions”.

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