If you are a law school student and you want to be a trial attorney, the Barakat + Bossa Incubator program is a great opportunity to gain experience and to be paid to try cases. 

Designed to help young, talented lawyers obtain trail experience that isn’t often immediately available at large law firms or to use the path of service in the State Attorney’s office, the Incubator provides you with the tools and mentoring to learn and grow.

Barakat + Bossa facilitates this with a mix of practical experience guided by a seasoned litigator that includes observation, conducting depositions, developing cases, conducting mediations and evidentiary hearings to direct and cross examination of witnesses and putting together your own case.

The Incubator pays competitive salaries while giving exposure to all facets of the trial.  We encourage Law school students to consider our unique program as we will give you a nuts and bolts opportunity to become a trail attorney.

For more information and to apply please contact us at 305-444-3114 or fill out this form.