If you are a law school student and you want to be a trial attorney, the Barakat + Bossa Incubator program is a great opportunity to gain experience and to be paid to try cases. 

Crafted to offer young, talented students a rare opportunity to acquire trial experience often elusive within the confines of large law firms or the State Attorney’s office, the Incubator equips you with the essential tools and mentorship necessary for personal and professional growth.

Barakat + Bossa orchestrates this immersive experience under the expert guidance of seasoned litigators, encompassing a comprehensive range of activities such as observation, deposition proceedings, case development, mediations, evidentiary hearings, and the art of both direct and cross-examination. Moreover, the Incubator not only provides competitive salaries but also affords exposure to every facet of trial advocacy.

We enthusiastically invite law school students to explore our distinctive program, offering a hands-on opportunity to build a solid foundation on the path to becoming a successful trial attorney.

Barakat + Bossa is continuously accepting applicants for the Summer and Fall incubator programs.

To inquire about participating in the program, please fill out the form below.