Trained to Protect + Win


Business moves forward at a rapid pace and it doesn’t stop for a lawsuit. Here at Barakat + Bossa, we understand that and work with our clients to ensure that a legal dispute doesn’t slow them down.

Our mission is simple: to deliver a favorable outcome with minimum disruption to your business.

Brian & Giamomo


Why this is important.

Our slogan at Barakat + Bossa is “We are trained to protect and win.”  That means we are always upgrading our knowledge of trial law procedures and information to make sure we can meet and exceed the challenges for our clients in an ever-changing legal environment.

To achieve what this slogan promises, we require our attorneys to write on their area of expertise; teach in their area of expertise; and, go through an intense regiment of observation and training to become experts in their respective fields. In addition, the firm requires 50 Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits per year. That’s more than triple the Florida bar requirement.

These efforts are the foundation of how we attract talent and manage our firm, motivate our team and result in attorneys who are in a better position to protect their clients and win their proceedings.


Our firm has been protecting business and their owners in litigation and arbitration since 2004. We have an international team hailing from four continents with a diversity of languages. We focus on business matters such as partnership disputes, noncompetes, corporate litigation, real estate, breach of contract and financial fraud. In 2020, the firm was renamed Barakat + Bossa after a merger between Brian Barakat & Giacomo Bossa. Brian Barakat is a former white-collar prosecutor, providing the firm a unique perspective on resolving business disputes swiftly, efficiently and without disruption to your business. Giacomo Bossa is a modern business attorney capable of supporting clients equally in the courtroom and the conference room. Both partners bring a creative, wide-ranging approach to solving legal issues and providing effective counsel for clients. They met as opposing counsel and today are partners – we can think of no greater testament to their skills.


At the outset, our work is centered around gaining the strongest position to enter negotiations. We thoroughly familiarize ourselves with all of the details of a case and know, in advance, what the likeliest outcome will be.

Our core philosophy is to save our clients time and money. This is why we will attempt to settle pre-suit if it’s a viable option. In the event that it is not an option, we will aggressively push the matter toward trial as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible.

We pride ourselves on working faster and harder than our opponents are willing to, forcing a favorable settlement or a winning position at trial. Contact us today.



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