Barakat + Bossa offers our clients legal services in many overseas jurisdictions to assist them with business needs and opportunities in an exciting global economy. The attorneys on our International team have extensive cultural ties and experiences such as having grown up, lived in and attended school, university and graduated from law schools in various countries and now live and work in the United States. This provides you with an American lawyer who can easily communicate with you and their counterparts offshore and who understands not only the language but also the practices and nuances of foreign legal systems first hand.

Our experiences in handling overseas legal affairs includes International Arbitration, Contracts, Business Negotiation, Import/Export and Litigation and Appellate work. Barakat + Bossa is a member of the American Arbitration Association, The International Arbitration Association and the International Chamber of Commerce.  Our principals have also served and contributed on committees at the Florida Bar Association for Business Law and International Law. We offer a depth of expertise and commitment that’s culturally relevant to assist in your International commitments and growth.


Italian Chamber of Commerce

Indian Chamber of Commerce

Brazilian Chamber of Commerce

Spanish Chamber of Commerce


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