Empowering Justice: $175,000 Settlement for Elderly Woman Wrongfully Evicted from Her Home

In a heartening victory for justice, Barakat + Bossa has secured a settlement of $175,000 in a pro bono case involving an elderly woman who faced three attempts to wrongfully evict her from her cherished family home. The unsettling story of murky title disputes and investor tactics has found a positive resolution, highlighting the crucial role of legal advocacy in safeguarding vulnerable individuals.

The client, in her 70s and battling age-related challenges, inherited her family home from her parents. Years later, an investor seemingly acquired the property, leading to her eviction. Guided by the dedication of partner Giacomo Bossa, a specialist in business litigation and complex real estate law, Barakat + Bossa took on the intricate case to ensure justice prevailed.

The legal battle involved a “Color of Title” suit, where notwithstanding an apparent deed to an investor, the woman still had claim of ownership. Despite facing adversity, the woman’s resilience, coupled with the firm’s unwavering commitment, resulted in substantial compensation to the woman, who has now recovered the full value of her family home and is now being housed in an assisted living facility and protected by a pro bono guardian.

The case unraveled over the course of many years, with eviction and ejectment actions filed by the original investor, both unsuccessfully. A subsequent change in title ownership brought more challenges. The elderly woman’s belongings were discarded, and her access was denied upon her return. Amidst the complexities, Barakat + Bossa persisted, filing a Quiet Title and an elderly abuse lawsuit to establish her rightful ownership against the initial title holder. The result: a $175,000 settlement that is now helping the senior lady as she navigates assisted living.

Reflecting on the case, Bossa emphasized, “Our victory is more than financial. It’s about restoring dignity and quality of life to a person who didn’t deserve such distress. We must always advocate for our elderly population who too often bear the brunt of such situations.”

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