B2B Knows the Process for Merchant Processing.

We have extensive expertise in Merchant Processing issues and can advise and represent your interests in these areas:

merchant processing
  • Independent contract sales agent agreements
  • Purchase and assignment agreements for residual streams and merchant reserves and companies.
  • Tripartite merchant processing agreements
  • ISO agreements
  • Pay-Fac agreements
  • Sub-merchant agreements
  • Payment company terms and conditions

We understand the industry and keep ahead of the trends and changes that can affect your ability to operate and  grow.  We’re experienced with handling merchant agreements, payment facilitator and service provider obligations.  You can rely on Barakat + Bossa to guide you through the complicated regulations and licensing requirements for currency transactions at every level.

Our team reviews and negotiates merchant agreement terms, conditions and fee arrangements to help you get the most out of your business arrangements.

Ask about how we can help with solutions for high-risk merchants.  Our foundation and training as trial attorneys gives us an advantage in helping with ISOs, and exposure for high-risk activities like online pharmacy, tobacco and MMJ.

Additional services include providing ISOs and banks with BIN transfers, deconversions and select merchant transfer issues.


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credit card swipe

Limiting Statutes as to Surcharges in Merchant Processing

Using a credit card to pay for goods and services is a fairly common practice. Many credit card users, however, are unaware that every time a credit card is used, the merchant is charged a “swipe fee” or “interchange fee” by the credit card company. This fee must be paid by someone. But who?
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bitcoin atm

Regulating 1s and 0s: the Law Behind Bitcoin ATMs

When we talk about “money,” we think of credit cards, metal coins, and green paper with presidential faces printed on it. Soon, we might also think of virtual currency—bundles of code stored on our phones and computers that we can exchange for products and services like any other form of money.
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credit cards

Merchant Processing of Credit Cards: General Framework

Merchant processing constitutes the acceptance, processing, and settlement of payment transactions for merchants. It involves gathering sales information from the merchant, obtaining authorization for the transaction, collecting funds from the issuing bank, reimbursing the merchant, and charge-back processing.
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