Barakat + Bossa operates comfortably in the factoring space.

Barakat + Bossa operates comfortably in the factoring space. Jocelyne A. Macelloni, a partner at the firm, has been working in this space for almost a decade, has represented factoring companies located around the country including in South Florida, both in the preparation of the contract documents and in the enforcement of factoring rights in subsequent litigation. At Barakat + Bossa we provide guidance, transactional work and legal services that help factors, forfeiters and commercial financers to identify profitable opportunities and structure deals that benefit everyone involved. Barakat + Bossa can also help with creating or updating of operations manuals, assisting or performing due diligence investigations, determining the proper steps for notifying account debtors, establishing the most proper type of negotiation of purchase agreements, and strategize the enforcement options.

Our counseling aims to tackle new issues before they become a serious problem. Our process includes analyzing the dispute, offering advice regarding any potential risks and protection plan in the factoring relationship, negotiating and structuring of agreements customed to the factoring relationship, and ultimately when the negotiations do not take the desired turn, we provide representation in the litigation involving a breach of contract, UCC related problems, fraud, and more.

With experience in every stage of these transactions, from negotiating terms to enforcing agreements, our attorneys have the complex skill set to attend to the various demands of our clients and reduce their exposure to risk.

Jocelyne Macelloni on Factoring and Getting Paid.


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