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Operating an existing business or setting up a new business requires specialized knowledge in this area.

At Barakat + Bossa, we can provide expert guidance in the key areas to protect your investment. Our business law attorneys offer specialized counsel in the following areas: corporate governance, corporate structure, company formation and maintenance, financial and transactional matters, business purchases, contract formation, equity purchase agreements, commercial leases, licensing agreements, service/vendor agreements, asset purchase agreements, compliance, joint ventures, employment agreements, negotiation of complex business transactions, preparation of loan documents, purchase or sale of a business and external general counsel services.

Moreover, at Barakat + Bossa we also specialize in formation of Limited Liability Companies, which are one of the most common entities not only in Miami area. Our attorneys can help to walk you through the entire process from beginning to end, through the incorporation process to tax implications, and so on.


Barakat + Bossa operates comfortably in the factoring space. Jocelyne A. Macelloni, a partner at the firm, has been working in this space for almost a decade, has represented factoring companies located around the country including here in South Florida, both in the preparation of the lending documents and in the enforcement of those documents in subsequent litigation. Jocelyne is well versed in UCC transactions, which are at the basis of the factoring industry. The ability to represent factoring companies both in the transactional and litigation aspects of their matters gives Barakat + Bossa an edge in terms of tackling novel issues before they become a problem.


We understand the industry and keep ahead of the trends and changes that can affect your ability to operate and grow. We’re experienced with handling merchant agreements, payment facilitator and service provider obligations. You can rely on Barakat + Bossa to guide you through the complicated regulations and licensing requirements for currency transactions at every level.


Florida, as a business-friendly jurisdiction, has a thriving economy. A thriving economy makes private lending very appealing to both lenders and borrowers. We routinely prepare lending documents on behalf of lenders that ensure comfort and protection in protecting the lender’s rights, and, ultimately, funds. Lending documents can be prepared with or without real property as a security, in which case they are accompanied by a mortgage, or with security in inventory, in which case a UCC statement is required, or with a pledge of membership interest in the borrower or in borrower-controlled entities.


Given our international exposure, the corporate team at Barakat + Bossa is well versed in CISG based contracts. It is important to understand what the CISG provides for and what it does not. It is also important to understand the role that attorneys’ fees play in the international context, the cost of justice, and the risks of collection unless the documents are accompanied by valuable security.



Unfortunately, theft in business happens all too often: people that are in a position of trust are naturally in an easy position to steal from the business. Whether this is employee theft, identity theft, fraud or embezzlement, the varieties of ways that someone can steal from a business are innumerable.

Brian Barakat, is a former Economic Crimes Prosecutor and has seen it all. His experience has made him a renowned specialist that has lectured nationally on the topics of fraud, employee theft, identity theft and computer crime.

If you think that someone might be stealing from your business, allow us to use our experience to investigate your case discreetly.


If you believe you may be the victim of corporate fraud, theft or embezzlement, you may wish to meet with the Corporate Fraud attorneys at Barakat + Bossa to discretely look into your case.

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