Alliot Global Alliance Worldwide Convention 2023

The dynamic team at BARAKAT+BOSSA has recently concluded an eventful series of engagements, marking a period of active involvement and collaboration within the global professional community.

Kicking off the month of October with a notable presence, both Jocelyne Macelloni, Partner and Clara Salvai, COO of BARAKAT+BOSSA participated in the highly anticipated Worldwide Convention of the esteemed Alliot Global Alliance, held in the vibrant city of Athens, Greece. The convention served as a platform for over 155 accounting and law firms from 49 countries, achieving record-breaking attendance figures. Throughout the event, a multitude of topics, including AI & Cybersecurity (led by Simon Bulleyment), Leadership, and Value Pricing (chaired by Michal Woloszanski), were discussed, underscoring the collective pursuit of knowledge and advancement within the industry.

Recognized as one of the world’s largest and most rapidly expanding multidisciplinary alliances, the Alliot Global Alliance comprises 220 law and accounting firms operating across 300 offices in 95 countries. The Alliance’s ethos of collaboration and unified efforts was evident throughout the convention, reinforcing the shared mission of global cooperation and synergy.

This significant gathering provided the team at BARAKAT+BOSSA with an invaluable opportunity to foster meaningful connections and develop lasting relationships with fellow attendees, facilitating productive exchanges and the promotion of the firm’s mission and vision.

Looking ahead with great anticipation, the team is eager to embark on collaborative ventures and cases across the globe, capitalizing on the newfound tools and resources that were prominently highlighted and discussed during the convention. Expressing sincere gratitude, the team extends special appreciation to Giles Brake, Damien McMenamin, Jenny Ringrose, and Sophia Rook-Blackstone for their warm reception and hospitality. Additionally, heartfelt thanks are extended to the hosting firms, Foutsis & Partners LP and Kleopas Alliot Business Consultants SA, represented by Maria and Dimitri, for their gracious hosting and support.

While it is impossible to individually acknowledge all the exceptional individuals encountered during the event, the team remains sincerely grateful to each and every participant, eagerly anticipating the opportunity for future encounters and collaborations.