In Absence of a Written Contract Court Awards Damages to Client who Delivered Goods and was not Fully Paid.


In Absence of a Written Contract Court Awards Damages to Client who

Delivered Goods and was not Fully Paid.

Court agreed with legal arguments concerning unjust enrichment and quantum meruit 

Coral Gables, FL.  Barakat + Bossa is pleased to announce that our client, Living in Asia LLC, has secured a significant legal victory in a complex commercial case that involved multiple contentious issues, including breach of contract, account stated, open account, conversion, quantum meruit (as much as deserved), and unjust enrichment.

After diligent work and extensive investigation by Barakat + Bossa attorney Angelique Gulla and foreign attorney Baris Han Ozkan and a two day bench trial, the court ruled favorably on behalf of our client on two key counts – quantum meruit and unjust enrichment. The court’s ruling signifies that our client provided significant benefits, which were accepted and retained by the defendant under circumstances where a reasonable person would expect to pay for them. The court found it would be inequitable for the defendant to retain these benefits without paying fair value for them.

This victory in this two-day bench trial highlights the professionalism, ability to adapt and exceptional work our legal team invests into every case we undertake.  In this situation B2B attorneys seamlessly managed witnesses testifying live with witnesses testifying via zoom, which they set-up themselves thereby maintaining continuity and timely disposition of the case. We take immense pride in protecting our client’s rights and interests and this ruling is a testament to our relentless commitment to justice.

The case signifies the importance of conducting business in good faith and maintaining thorough, transparent records. It underscores the court’s willingness to ensure fairness in commercial dealings.

We appreciate the Court’s diligence and thorough analysis of the issues presented. The successful outcome of this case not only provides our client with a significant win but also reaffirms the underlying principles of fairness and equity in our legal system.

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