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Meet our


Brian Barakat



Brian Barakat defends businesses and business owners from suit. He began his career as a Prosecutor in Miami Dade County. While there, Mr. Barakat worked in the Economic Crimes Division of the Special Prosecution Section. His experience investigating financial frauds gives him a unique perspective on business disputes.

Mr. Barakat’s experience in Commercial Litigation includes the full gamut of cases from complex class actions to small business disputes.

Giacomo Bossa



Giacomo Bossa is a modern business lawyer. His best skill is the combination of depth and breadth across different jurisdictions and cultural frameworks. Mr. Bossa is at ease in the courtroom, where he successfully led trials to verdict in favor of his clients, in arbitration, and in the conference room, where he applies a modern, wide-ranging approach to counsel clients towards creative, cost-effective solutions providing an edge over the competition.

Mr. Bossa’s approach is particularly effective in commercial Real Estate Matters, where he assists investors, both local and foreign, in maximizing profits and reducing risks.

Jocelyn Marcelloni



An experienced litigator, Ms. Macelloni represents businesses in state and federal courts throughout the country and in various practice areas including corporate disputes, employment, construction, commercial real estate transactions and disputes, asset recovery, and factoring and other UCC-related disputes. Prior to joining Barakat + Bossa, Ms. Macelloni spent nearly a decade representing factoring companies and asset based lenders where she developed extensive familiarity with business operations in a diverse range of industries including construction, freight forwarding, and import and export trade, enforced secured creditors’ rights, and protected creditors’ rights in bankruptcy.

Meet our

Associate Attorneys

Josh Rasco


Senior Associate

Joshua E. Rasco is an experienced commercial litigator who handles a wide range of complex litigation matters for his clients in both state and federal courts. A career musician and entrepreneur, Mr. Rasco brings with him a distinct combination of experiences into the practice of law. Mr. Rasco’s brand is best characterized by his ability to think outside the box in developing pragmatic solutions to complex legal issues. More than just “winning” the case, Mr. Rasco takes the time to better understand his clients’ personal and professional objectives before tailoring a legal strategy to better facilitate those objectives. Simply put, Mr. Rasco understands the disruptive impact litigation can have on his clients’ lives and businesses, and he makes every effort to absorb that impact for his clients, so they may carry on with minimal disruption.

Lisa Albrecht


Senior Associate

Lisa M. Albrecht is a Senior Attorney with Barakat & Bossa, where she focuses on Corporate and Real Estate matters. Specifically, Ms. Albrecht prepares contracts, agreements, dissolutions, terms and conditions, and other significant corporate documents and agreements. Prior to joining the firm, Ms. Albrecht spent over a decade working on behalf of Fortune 500 companies in and outside of the courtroom. She has experience representing both small and large companies in a variety of industries, including healthcare, hospitality, service, and construction.  Throughout her practice, Ms. Albrecht has learned the evolution of litigation, and the changing array of skills needed to achieve the best results for her clients.