July 2021
Voir dire is about having the opportunity to examine potential jurors and determine their competency as a prospective juror based on their backgrounds and biases. This process helps attorneys weed out the unfavorable jurors by allowing the attorneys to strike the juror.
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craft distillery
Spirits, wine, and beer. If you guessed that the common denominator between these items is alcohol, you would be partially correct! Spirits, wine, and beer are all goods that can be produced domestically or imported into the United States.
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bitcoin atm
When we talk about “money,” we think of credit cards, metal coins, and green paper with presidential faces printed on it. Soon, we might also think of virtual currency—bundles of code stored on our phones and computers that we can exchange for products and services like any other form of money.
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border patrol
A Guide on How to Correct, Fix, and/or Modify United States Customs and Border Protection Entry Summaries for Alcohol Importation.
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